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Sexy lace Plus Size Bra Online Shopping

The plus size bras are also popularly known as big bras. Quite evident from the name, they are meant for women with bigger bust size. They are meant to provide added support and coverage to women with bigger breast size, which is usually not possible with the regular bra styles.

Women that are blessed with large cups need to cautiously select their large size bras. A big bra size requires specialties such as cross over tape or additional seams on cups. The bottom band is often broad as well.

When do you need a plus size bra?

Women time and again admit that they don't feel content wearing a common average-size bra. Some of the common issues being:

1. Breast tissues spilling out of the cups
2. Bra band riding up
3. Gaping hole between your breast and the bra cup
4. Bra straps hang limply over your shoulders or cut into the skin.

Tips to Choose a Plus Size Bra - What to look for in a plus size bra

1. Shoulder support: Choose bras that have wide shoulder straps as they provide ample cushioning and prevent digging.

2. Closure: The next most important thing is to figure out the closure style. If you feel okay with back closure, great. Otherwise, front closure bras are also amazing as they not only make it easier to put on and take off the bra, but also provide increased support.

3. Underwire: While it’s your personal choice, there's no denying that underwired bras are also a great pick for additional support. The wires lift your breasts and support them, avoiding sagging in the long run.

Tips to Shop for Plus Size Bra

You are bound to find various options for plus size bras, but here’s what you should look for to ensure you get the right product.

Size Whoever penned the phrase, ‘Size does matter’ hit the target bang on. Well, for plus size women, size is one of the biggest concerns. But, at ANGABRIEL finding the correct size is a just a click away. All you would need to do is use our bra size calculator. You’re sure to find the right fit that keeps you comfy all day long.

Colour Who doesn’t love colours? You can go bold in black, subtle in nudes, or ravishing in red, whatever works for you. You can also look for bright colours like green, red or pink to match your personality. Sporting these bras with your favourite dress or t-shirt is the best way to get a confident and chic look.

Style Now, coming to the style, one of the biggest issues faced by many plus size women is options only available with huge broad band and full cups. But, thankfully you can find tons of styles like padded bras, push-up bras and plunge bras that are not only comfy but also give a sexy feel.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to give your breasts the right support, comfort and feel with a big bra.


Q1. What is the best bra for plus size?
A1. For plus size women, the best picks are full figure bras in T-shirt styles. They keep the silhouette smooth while giving your breasts the support they deserve. If you want to avoid volume, you can opt for non-padded styles and be at ease.

Q2. Are balconette bras good for large breasts?
A2. If you are large sized with broad shoulders and fuller breasts on the top, a balconette bra is a great pick for you. It is supportive and apparently, one of the trendiest bra styles.

Q3. Which is the best bra for sagging breasts?
A3. A full cup bra and a T-shirt bra are great picks for that smooth and seamless silhouette while slightly uplifting them. An underwired bra and a push-up bra are also great picks if you want that amazing lift and support. Another great style is the balconette bra both in terms of shape and support.
Happy shopping!

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