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How do you know if your bra fits?

It may take multiple try-on sessions to find exactly what you’re looking for, but your body won’t stop thanking you once you've found it! The perfectly sized bra should fit snug in all the right places; cup, gore, band and straps. When a bra is too tight, underwire and straps can dig in, causing real discomforts, and your breasts may overflow at the top of the cups. 

On the other hand, bras that fit too loosely will have straps falling down all day – no thanks! There will be a gap between your breast and the cup, resulting in the bra gaping open and an accidental flash, oops! When you’ve found that perfect fit, it should feel like you’re not wearing anything at all.

Gone are the days of constant adjusting - the straps will sit perfectly on your shoulders, the band will hold its place on your back without riding up, and your breasts will sit in the cups flawlessly, eliminating that side spillage look we all dread. 


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